Becoming a member of RAEM

Advantages for me, as an entrepreneur, of becoming a member of RAEM:

  • One voice - to have representation within Gatineau's entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Visibility - to increase the visibility of your business by including it in our website
  • Training - to take advantage of training and entrepreneurial development activities organized jointly with stakeholders of the economic development of our region
  • Orientation - RAEM will help to direct you towards the resources available either in pre-start, start-up or, in the growth of your entrepreneurial project
  • To have the opportunity to participate in discussion groups organized with our partners, for example, the EICI / RAEM sharing community of Outaouais
  • To promote your business, by having access to RAEM's social media
  • Special price as an exhibitor during “The Multircultural Entrepreneurs Fair”

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About RAEM

About RAEM

The Multicultural Entrepreneurs Action Network (RAEM) is a non-profit organization. The need to become an NGO arose from the entrepreneurs themselves. After becoming known through its traditional Multicultural Entrepreneurs Fair, RAEM has consolidated its achievements and moves on to the second phase of its development, marked by more active support of immigrant entrepreneurship in the region.

RAEM, during its first years of existence, knew how to make a place for itself and enjoys an excellent reputation among people of immigrant origin, municipal elected officials, elected officials from the Outaouais to the National Assembly and the House of Commons, the City of Gatineau, the Ministry of Immigration, Francization and Inclusion (MIFI) and the Table d'Action en Entrepreneuriat de l'Outaouais.

In addition to being an active member of the "Table d'Action en Entrepreneuriat de l'Outaouais" run by the regional office of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation of Quebec (MEI), the RAEM is a proud partner of 'Entreprendre ici, a national organization supported by the MEI and whose mandate is to promote and stimulate entrepreneurship within the cultural communities of Quebec.

RAEM's mission is to facilitate the socio-economic integration of new Canadians into the host society through entrepreneurship.

RAEM's vision is to be recognized as the organization that promotes immigrant entrepreneurs, increases their visibility, and facilitates their integration into the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the region.

RAEM’s values are: Inclusion, equality, integrity, sharing, solidarity, and respect.